4 Married men, 1 Condo, endless possibilities!

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 BRENDA - Tracy Mcnulty
Juan's mistress who wants to stop meeting and doing it in risky outdoor venues.
 BRICE - Alex Demkin
Police Detective that responds to shots fired at the conclusion of the story
 DR. ENGLISH - Cody Coman
Sundays Psychiatrist. Tries to help at the conclusion of the story.
Roberts shrink, tries to explain why Roberts gay lover, Juan, seems to be seeing a woman
 DUKE/ J-MAN - Baron J. Littleton Jr.
The real-estate agent/player that starts it all and ends up cheating on his wife Letitia with the crazy Sunday. He uses J-man as an alter-ego for his mistress.
 JAMAAL - Joe Karam
Natalia's older brother, a traditional African Muslim and head of Natalia's extended family
 JUAN - Chris Sapone
Dance instructor and Roberts' gay lover. Brenda is his mistress and he is trying to help Tom cheat on his wife Kate.
 KATE -  Monica Davis
Tom's wife. A clean freak who may suffer from OCD and doesn't suspect Tom of cheating.
 LETITIA - Viet Wilcots
Duke's jealous wife and manager.  She is suspicious of Duke and his buddies and organizes their wives to follow the guys.
 LOPEZ - David Brown
Brice's Detective partner who would rather be taking a coffee break
 NATALIA - Chandrika Ravi
Ron's Mistress and Jamaal's sister.  Her modern ways threatens to get her and Ron stoned

At 19 he is the second oldest brother under Jamaal and one of the designated stone throwers.
He is 17 and also tries to stone Ron.
15  and the youngest stone throwing brother.
She is the beautiful hair stylist that Tom is pursuing. 
 ROBERT - Alen Matters
Juan's gay lover who dresses in drag to save their relationship.
  RON D. - Trae Ireland
Comic and Sarah's husband.  He is really in love with his mistress Natalia who's brother Jamaal will have them stoned if he doesn't at least make her his number #2 wife.
 TOM - Micheal Joseph
Kate's husband.  He wants to seduce Rebecca but doesn't know how so Juan tells him to say his wife is dead and go for a sympathy lay.
  SARAH - Aizhan LighG 
Ron D.'s wife and business manager, Sarah, cold, tough and physically intimidating.
Beautiful, all-American blonde who suffers from multiple personality disorder.  Duke is seducing her in the hopes of making her his mistress.
Juan dances the tango with THERESA, a middle-aged woman who takes her lessons very seriously.
 TIFFANY - Johanna Rae
Pretty barber shop pole dancer that teams with Rebecca to screw over Tom.
YOUNG COUPLE - Tamani ElliottMarquis Knowles
Duke tries to rent them the condo but the body outline tape in the kitchen scare them off.
 YOUNG COUPLE #2 - Soulfia Burke Perez
Duke tries to rent them the condo but the blood stains in the bedroom scare them off.
Mother and three or four sisters, all dressed in traditional Muslim Burkas. We never see more than their eyes and they tend to trill loudly.

Four married friends buy a condo to share as a bachelor pad, so they have a place to bring their mistresses, until the wives and girlfriends bust the cheating... spouses.

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